Forgive Them All

A young girl (the angel) and her battle with cancer and being different, with her mother (She) by her side.

She stood

Like a waterfall

That had been slapped by the ice age

Cold, Crystal, Beautiful

Dripping slowly

Tears, like drops of acid eroding away these golden moments

Where the sunshine’s through the black ice


An angel

With fate plucking out her feathers

1 by 2

By naked at school

Their eyes screaming distaste

They are blind to the grace of her struggles,

Blind by the gleam of her hairless head

                She cradles her angel

Counting the days to “no more choices”

Counting the ways to silence the cruel voices

Including her own

                Doesn’t the angel deserve to rest in peace?

Her halo dims and crumbles to the floor

Betrayed by her whole worlds

Because illness really isn’t “Sick”

Fate was only laughing at his own trick


Stared down the throat of god as he yawned

At her proposal to keep the innocent alive

It takes more then a desperate cry to survive this harsh

Maze of life


Angelic eyes bruised blooming a new rainbow of colour

Proof of epic battles with endless needles

Once more her gloves hit the ground in a cloud of dust.

The man in white had one again


                She bared her teeth in Raging grief at everyone who laughed


Just passed as if IT were okay/ They didn’t understand

they didn’t understand that

her angel was crashing with no where to land.

The angel just kept marching

Head up

Eyes brave

Marching 10 feet tall

Towards her tragic death

With her final breath the angel whispered

“Forgive them all”

The End

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