Forgive The Children We Once Were

when I was younger,
my biggest enemy
was society and emotions.
emotions made me cry,
and want to punch Kati in the face,
because even though I was only a kid,
I knew that a sneer wasn't a nice thing.
I may not have understood
all of the implications that it held,
but I was smart enough to realize
that she didn't like me.
for years it seemed like everyone had forgotten
that my name was not 'freak'
or 'Little Miss Book'.
because when I read, I drowned myself.
I pulled the words over my head
like some sort of twisted security blanket.
I let them wash over my ears and mouth and eyes
and dull the outside world.
so I begin to ask myself,
as I have grown older,
to forgive the child I once was,
and to remember my mistakes
and my past
and the fact that I dug myself out of that ditch
almost singlehandedly
and I will do it again if I have to.

The End

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