Forget Or Forgive

There's nothing I can say anymore,

To bring myself back,

To light up the day,

In sickness and in health, for rich or for poor,

I fell through the cracks,

I lost my way.

There's nothing I can do anymore,

To force a smile,

To pull on through,

My life has been stripped to the core,

Your ignorent style--

It's torn me in two.

There's nowhere I can go anymore,

It all feels the same,

Wherever I am,

I've resorted to running before;

I find someone to blame--

And stop giving a damn.

There's no one to trust anymore, 

I feel I can't speak,

And know I can't live,

It has to get better--myself I assure,

My future seems bleak...Forget or forgive.

The End

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