forget me not

Feathers of feeling skim the surface of memory --

I can almost forget your face.

It sinks into the velvet pool of longing

Only to rise again with the tide.

Remembering is hard, forgetting harder.


Claws in the brain.

Teeth on the skin of everything.

I am all hackle and bristle,

Temptation and rebuff.

Caged by a desire I cannot contain.


Another's is such a hateful word;

It does not belong in the lexicon of owning and being owned:

Mine, yours, ours.

These words are forever lost, their meaning forgotten now --

Washed away on that rain-drenched morning in September.


Your words as deafening as thunder.

I watched helpless as sorrow was swallowed by disbelief --

The tears mixing with rain until they became indistinguishable.

Till this day I cannot remember you

Without tasting the salt of them on my tongue

The End

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