Invisible scars where your fingers once touched me

Your long hair draped over those grey eyes

Even when closed the intense stare was burned in my brain.

We were f u c k ed darling,

Long bony fingers gripped my hand so tightly it’s as if you thought I would slip away

Baby, I didn’t.

It was you.

Your love kept me up all night,

Every sensation was electrifying

And you’re nails dug in


It hurt, but the right kind,

The pain I so desperately needed to keep this real

And then one night you slipped your heart in my hand as I was sleeping,

And left.

Baby, where did you go?

What did I do to make you leave?

Now the only things I have are memories.

And as time slithers by

You get hazier,

And blurry,

And numb,

And depleted.

I’m forgetting, love.

The End

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