How the hell am I supposed to live now?

Forever? More like never! Forget all our vows.

Forget looks, forget the stares.

Forget my hands running through your hair.

Forget the butterfly kisses at night.

Forget the way I hold you tight.

I'll wish every damn kiss we had away,

I don't want them to haunt me, I'd rather they strayed.

I fucking hate the way you look at me now,

 I can't see any shine in your eyes,

not even a spark.

I feel like you've thrown me into the dark.

Forget the love, lets just rearrange.

Remember the time we got pretend engaged?

You said "one day I'll marry you."

Bullshit. It was far too good to be true.

You see me now as peice of meat,

go on! Have a piece of my flesh!

It's not like you haven't already ate my heart,

It's  like you pulled my worlds order apart!

Nothing is right anymore, not a damn thing.

I hate the fact that I gave back the ring.

I'll forget the wedding bells I heard in my head,

or losing my innocence on my spouse's bed.

You stole my light and my purity.

But ofcourse you never did care,

"I'll take what I can get from that slut".

For someone who loved me you don't know that much.

My life is getting darker, day by day.

Where the hell is my God in this mess,

I know he's got me through all of the stress.

I pray every damn night to not be alone.

But most of all I pray for you to come home.

I cry out to my Lord for this life to pass by.

But I think of your face with each tear that I cry.

I can't bear this any longer. You are what I lack.

So God, If your listening, can I please have him back?



The End

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