This could probably be considered the prologue to 'It's Effects'.

She might as well forget it

he's not coming back

he won't pick up the phone

he's pulling on his hat

he's hoping on  a train

to go far away,

the diary called

" Look at what she's done,

look at what she's left."

Being as she wasn't,

and watching him leave

just tacks on more hurt for the day.


She might as well give up

that ship has sailed,

she hailed for it to stop,

but the captain will never yieled,

he crossed his arms,

pointed south,

and left before the day let out.


She might as well pretend

that nothing ever happened,

that it was all a dream.

He'll never forgive her

He'll look  at her the same

She's just one of the millions

out there to blame.

Her screaming and crying

won't make the world spin

won't make him care again.


She might as well forget

that she ever knew,

that she ever thought,

that things ever caught.

There's nothing there now,

not a strand , not a thread,

just the warm memories

trapped in her head.

They sigh, they scratch,

they stab ,

they cut,

she reaches for something

to mop up the blood.

She might as well

just forget the thought

that nothing ever changes,

while she rots.

That everything she does,

will cause some pain,

some things just can't stay the same.

She better just get going.

Knocking on her head,

they assumed her dead.

The End

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