Forever Yours

I'm not sure if I'm quite done with this one yet. I need help with the last stanza I want to write. I basically want to say that I'll try to move on but I know my heart will be forever yours, something something, I pray that you still love me too. But it has to be in the rhyme scheme abcb. =/

It's been one long month.
I thought I would heal,
but I loved you for so long
and the feelings were real.

I have a broken heart
that only you can fix.
My heart is hurting,
full of slices and nicks.

You broke my heart
though I was nothing but true.
You left me abandoned
but I can't stop loving you.

I lay in bed alone and dreaming,
wishing, wishing with all my might.
Hoping that you'll come back one day
and wrap your arms around me tight.

The End

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