Forever Yours

Poem I wrote for a girl once.

Forever Yours

O, sweet vixen of youth, do not tempt me with your beauty.

You tease me with your words of pleasure.

And leave me with images of sweet ecstasy.


I envision nights of passion spent in your arms.

Your eyes focused intently on mine as you call my name.

My fingers intertwined into your locks of gold.

Your body molding to fit mine.


Whisper into my ear untold secrets,

And tell me that you are forever mine.

Cover me with tiny kisses of love and divine,

And I will be your slave to do with as you please.

I stare into your eyes of perfection and pray that this moment last,

And that in the morning your love has not faded,

So, that I may forever remain tangled up in your sheets of bliss.

The End

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