Forever this moment

This poem is depicts the little but such special time I got to spend with my friend while he attended my school. This poem is set more in gym, and running on the track and and enjoy


You would run beside me

Our strides in rhythm

Wind blowing past us

This moment held forever

By the steps we take

May this moment never end


Setting the pace

Your stride picks up

As I follow in your lead

Rounding the corner

I whisper silently through the wind

May this moment never end


As you gain speed

Golden rays light our way

The sun shining down

Glowing in golden essence

May this moment never end


A soft whistle blows calling us

Returning to our gym

Beaded with sweat

We say good bye

Promising to meet again

May this moment never end


Your sweet smile lighting up the room

 Shining through the window  

To where I stood

Embracing your warmth

I smile in your glimmering sun

May this moment never end


Savoring this moment in my heart

We find our place of peace

Sun’s soft warmth on us

This moment held for ever

 Through your soft eyes

May this moment never end

The End

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