Forever Is Lost

She stands in the cold,
Her hair whipping in the breeze,
As she stares after him.

He walks away.

A tear rolls down her cheek,
As she takes a deep breath in,
And slowly lets herself slide to the ground.

He stops.

She puts her head into her hands,
And lets out a sob,
Hoping this wasn't the end.

He turns around slowly.

She pulls out a picture,
Of them,
On that sunny day,
On which they met.

He lets out a small cry.

She traces a heart,
Around his perfect face,
And stands up.

He sees her.

She turns around,
And walks away from,
What is her life.

His heart stops.

She slips on the ice,
And falls to the ground,
Smashing her head,
Right against the concrete.

He runs towards her.

Her breath becomes jagged,
She sees his face,
And knows she's safe.

He picks her up.

As he runs,
She closes her eyes,
Letting the darkness take over.

He reaches the hospital.

She uses her last breath,
To whisper this,
"I Love You"

He hands her over.

As the doctors try,
He sits there,
Not knowing what to do.

They let him see her.

Her body,
So fragile,
So delicate,
Lays there,

She is gone.

He cracks,
He screams,
He cries,
He pulls out a gun.

They watch in terror.

He puts the gun to his head,
Pulls the trigger,
And says goodbye.

He is gone.

In heaven,
She awaits his arrival,
But no one comes.

God did not forgive him.

She searches for all eternity,
For her love,
But finding nothing,
She tears off her wings,
And cries,
Wishing he had been the angel,
And not her.

Forever is lost.

The End

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