Forever in an Instant

I tend to write poems about hospitals, mental illness, feeling trapped and confused, etc. this time, I'm writing from the hospital, about a patient who is gone but who changed my life. Not in a way that means recovery, but in such a way that I felt something positive. It didn't last for long but when she got discharged, I realised that I had learned from her that there are feelings that can exist in my world other than anxiety, depression, fear, and compassion. I gave this to her right before sh

In an instant, you arrived

In an instant, I'll feel deprived

For in an instant, you'll be gone

And until next time, I will long

To see your face and feel so warm

To change life's pace and end the storm

For when I'm with you, life restarts

As a perfect world 'til we part

It's my forever, my whole life

Twas just an instant with no strife

But an instant's forever

When you and I are together

The End

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