Forever Alone

Probably how most teens like me feel...unlucky in love, torn between two worlds and just plain meh at the idea of never finding 'the one'.

I feel as if I'll never find you,

That the old saying is truly true,

And I was made to be alone,

To grow old, skin and bone. 

Unloved, unbound, drifting without a sound.

Was my soul not made in a pair?

Life never meant to be shared?

Is it simply because of who I am,

So critically wrong that I've been damned?

Is there no one waiting with the other end of my red thread,

Or am I holding both, my destined simply long dead?

Did the Fates choose to tangle my tapestry just so,

Love becoming something I'll never know? 

When will I taste the intoxication or inebriation

Of two hearts beating in synchronization?

Is it so evil, is it a crime,

To wish for the bliss of love sublime?

Perhaps it is true, my cruel fate,

Of being made without a soul mate. 

Yes, it seems that this plague infects me too,

I feel as if I'll never find you. 

The End

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