Forever AfraidMature

a man made me afraid of everything in my life

Forever afraid


He ruined everything about me

He hurt me

Took my innocence away

Made me afraid of life


I’m afraid of walking outside

Scared of falling asleep

Scared to sit a certain way

Scared of other people

Scared of being hurt again


I now live in fear and sadness

I will never be the same again


This will always be apart of me.


There’s no getting these images out of my mind

But you’re the one who got the better side of it

And I’m stuck with suffering Because of this

When you’re proud of yourself


Glad that ruining an innocent girl

Broke every part of her

Made her afraid

Makes you proud


Because of you

I fear getting married or even dating

Because I don’t want to be hurt again

I’m scared for being in a bad relationship

I’m scared to have kids

What if they grow up the same way as me.


I’m scared for my first chosen time

I’m scared I’m going to have memories of you

I’m scared of everything in my future

You made me afraid of life


You made me afraid of ever being loved


The End

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