Forever & Ever

He cringed, taking his last breath

A soul so lost,

Lost fighting death

What would his mother say?

Would she understand?

No, but maybe one day...


Could she hear his silent screams?

Insanity taking over,

His mind bursting at the seams…

These oozing lines on his skin mark his swift end

The silent screams

Calling for help, that they would never send.


Looking up, that girl… The one who put him here

Sat smiling down at him

Her reaction… how queer…

‘’Just one kiss’’, she did mutter

‘’Rot in hell,

Your formalities, my heart is but a stutter…’’


With that the silence echoed in his head

He knew he was gone

He knew he was dead

Now the angel boy cried

For now he knew,

There was nothing stopping her suicide


The girl he watched, drew her blade

Etching lines in her skin

Lines he had made…

The color and life draining from her face,

It’s over now…

She has found her place…


The moral here is don’t be rash

Slow down my loves

Slow down before you crash

For these lovers they lived in hell and died together,

Eternity for them now

Forever and ever

The End

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