Deep in the center, all is muted.

A rustle of wind, half a mile away.

Splits in the overhead evergreen show cloudy skies,

And the promise of rain.

Even birds seemed far away,

Muffled in the thickness of the weeping flowers and willowed woods.

Slimy mud and silky grass slid between her toes.

The heavy, heady smell of flowers drifted into her scent.

The tree trunks twisted into impossible shapes,

Creating images as if they were clouds.

As the rain fell into the forest, the creeping canopy protected her from the freezing raindrops.

Leaves broke away from their perches above, swaying softly to the ground.

Muted greens became softer with the gray light,

Such a fading color, yet all that she could see.

She stayed until the biting rain broke through the green above, falling freely onto her smiling face.

Until the night animals came out to play, disturbing the quiet peace.

Then, she left the peaceful place behind.

Mud slipped between her squirming toes,

And splattered onto her clothes.

Once out of the forest she glanced back,

Whispering a goodbye.

Turning around she whispered a hello to the house before her.

Where her mother stood waiting for the girl,

Worriedly wiping her withered hands on the apron.

The End

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