Force Them To Hear You Out

Average, Average, all my life,

People break promises to me with no difficulty,

Because my hatred doesn't affect them,

Just a Person in the blurred divides,

 between suicide and everyday life,

The pale tone of grey,

A.K.A self-harm,

Just a Loner who people tried to convert,

And force into the herds of follow-the-leader,

Who don't care as long as they have someone to follow,

I have to scream until they are forced to listen,

I think all the likeminded people,

Have already slit their wrists and said goodbye,

I want to join them but lack the bravery,

So I continue screaming until you listen,

People let me down all the time,

Because in their minds I get over things quickly,

They don't know about the lonely nights spent contemplating,

So I sit, a loner in every way,

Tell myself I don't care,

But inside my mind I scream to be heard,

Do You understand?

Are You like me?

Or do You care at all?


The End

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