forbidden love

24 hours I sit in my bed

as a propelling plane falls slowly like the love blossoming in the pit of my stomach

engulfing me in the most beautiful pain

straining the bones in my body till they begin to crack as which an old painting grows lines of age and dust

twisting my insides out

choking me in words of desperateness, I dare do not speak

as the trees, maps, myths of blood and family

forbid this uncontrollable desire of mine

and distance forms barriers

so high that the most advanced builders would halt in their large shoes of knowledge

between our hands, feet, and hearts

I would still kiss your chiselled face

stare deep into you're layers of skin and masks

still ignore the ridicule and protest

to be the person

who lays flowers by you're grave stone

long after you've left to the angles





The End

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