For you....

I am the redeemed, the Lover and the Seeker

The fallen that climbs from lower ground

To reach to correct platform

Upon which to scream my love

My utter devotion

How truly, and irrevocably in love I am

Finding my one and only in a crowd

From the way he walks, the way he smells

You fill me up, you’re in my veins

You’ve tattooed your name across my once broken heart

Your look can take my breathe away

Hold me close, just keep me near

To feel your warmth

A comfort in the blackest nights in the darkest of fears and evil nightmares

My light at the end of the tunnel

My rock

I search for your face among the crowded depths of the dead in my nightmares

I watch you while you sleep

To know your mine

I search for your hand in the dark

Breathing in your essence

The better half of my soul

The one thing that makes me great is you

I’d die without you.

The End

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