For What We Will Lose

I sat in church today
Knowing all around us,
Our own was dying –
Our own were dying
And the birds I have so loved
And the fish that keep us thriving
I prayed in church today
And hoped it did something

The life fades before my eyes –
Their bodies, once unfettered,
And choked,
And strapped in black.
My ears and heart are rent,
As if they cried out at once.

I want to scream
And cry with them,
But no one’s head
Is on a stake for this,
While they all cry out
And they die

And those of us
Who try to help
Will save one, to no avail
For the thousands that die
and are never born.

I cried for my bay.
My beautiful sanctuary.
My childhood.
My inspiration.

I cried for the delta.
The estuary.
The unborn birds.

I cried for us.
For our livelihood.

And I cried for the earth today.

The End

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