For What

A soldier joins the army and loses everything. A poem by me and my friend, and we emphasised on the opposites of seasons and times of day. A bunch full of codes and metaphors - not one sit and relax by!

For want of not, what they possess
Town feeble, small they stole away
Someone damage fell to sleep
Light of night and dark of day
Lonely fades as sun, stars, set

For bitter sea, of sweet salvation
High sun rises, no light can flood
Cries the Lonely hearts as one
As slowly hope trails into mud
Spending price till doom, dusk, day

For lack of loss, and loss of grief
Weeping only Lonely seems
Would that he could
Within his dreams
Waking his grief till dawn dusk day

Here, there he found eternal sleep
Lonely hands are cold
Dug, down, deep
For need of brave, gave life and love
I die my vengeance till circle, silence, storms

Sun, stars, set
Doom, dusk, day
Price unpaid.

The End

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