Chimmichanga on the side, please.

It feels like I'm dying!
I get hungry so fast, even when I was young.
My lunch time is so far away.
Though minutes away.

I have enough for my cravings.
Banana and veggie juice and also,
The cheesey goodness with meat and beans.
Wraped up flakey goody.
Warm and delicious.

I could eat it whole, I wanted to.
But instead I eat it with passion,
To savor the flavour.

Chimmichanga, please!


(I'm at school and I ate breakfast this morning, but it didn't fell me long enough 'til lunch time. So I was starving until lunch finally came by. I had enough to get juice and a chimmichanga and a bag of chips-didn't get the chips. I'm adding on this bceause of the minimum stuff, which sucks when some writing is short for this site. Limit is reached.)

The End

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