Junk: An ode to the Fast Foods of North Avenue

My wallet is quite heavy, 

my stomach, very light,

pile into David's Chevy,

We dine in Hell tonight.

KFC is tasty, 

Taco Bell sounds good,

But Dave say's "Don't be Hasty"

And does just what he should.

He pulls up into Arby's

the smell of sourkraut,

So even though we're starving, 

we leap just barely out.

We find the secret hideout, 

the poor kid's favorite haunt,

we look and joyf'ly shout,

for Buck-a-Scoop is God.

The bell on the door singing,

Coins in the Koi pond,

The insults are a-flinging,

Orange chicken is all gone.

A dozen egg rolls, quickly,

the server says Okay,

Now David looks all sickly, 

pukes on Have  A Nice Day!

Now we need some wheels, 

We're gonna be late,

but that's okay for now,

I know a guy named Tate,

leave David here anyhow.

So that's why David's late now,

I just now told you why,

We'll do the same tomorrow, give it another try.


The End

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