The Flan of My Heart

Delicacies may vary,
puddings, cake, and ice cream--
but there is one that not many
know can be a true dream.

The day begins with a sniff,
because the smell is enticing
and though you steal just one whiff, 
 it doesn't get any less exciting.

A scrambled egg or two,
a swift pouring of milk,
a practised whisk will do
to make the blend look like silk.

And though we need to wait,
pretty soon it will be time,
but there's more to do in the state
before this flan reaches its prime.

Make sure you get a pan
that can handle a hot adventure,
take a few spoons of sugar so you can
keep the flan from sticking at your leisure.

Your stomach rumbles softly
and the smell is so surprising,
this is better than a chocolaty
cake in the oven rising. 

With gloves you pull your prize 
out, careful not to burn,
and after making sure of the size
very carefully on the plate turn

it. This oddity is a flan
and you can eat it anywhere,
though it looks like something you'd ban
give it a taste without a care.

 Take a big heaping spoon, 
or pick a fat, juicy slice,
and don't worry, it will be soon
when your hunger finds its demise.

The End

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