For the Love of Sonnets

The summary of this experiment
Is here to tell you what it's all about.
Though I should think it wouldn't make a dent
On those who have a shadow of a doubt.

It's all about the sonnet. Celebrate
This fascinating construct of the word.
There's much to learn if you participate.
It's so much more fun than you might have heard.

Oh, yes, there's structure, meter, rules, and such,
But that just makes the challenge more sublime.
I think you'll find it that it's not overmuch
A tasking task

Read well the author guidance here beside;
It shall enhance your time at this fair trade.
Be not averse to these constraints. Abide
By every one. Of these are sonnets made.

The meter is important; rhyme as well.
Without them, all sonnet-ness falls away.
Harsh comments might descend, a tale to tell
Of misstepp'd rhythm, mangled syncopé.

But fear not, stout adventurers. Take heart!
For as with any skill, this can be learned.
Count well your syllables; pick them apart.
The end result will be kudos well earned.

So screw your courage to the sticking place,
And venture forth, the sonnet world to face.

(The topic of the next sonnet shall be: The grizzled writer) 

The End

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