For the Love of Salad

Living in a cement block box means
That nature is inaccessible
She stays out
When I go in

Yet, still she seems to have snuck
Past the closed door and windows
Here on the top shelf of the refrigerator
Lies a head of romaine lettuce
A few carrots
Grown locally and organically at Worden Farm
Now they rest waiting

As a vegetarian,
I consume plant matter almost exclusively
Finding pure satisfaction munching in the raw
Salad is my meal of choice

Prehistoric is this love of greenery
Savoring every bite
Each component bursting
With freshness, vitality, flavor
Lightly drizzled in olive oil
And red wine vinegar
Seasoned with fresh herbs
Sprinkled with sunflower seeds
Topped with nasturtiums
A true culinary delight

The End

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