for the love of another.

My love, you saved me, fear's hand you stayed,

I feel new, it's really you: Do you feel the same?

I want to breathe, 'With all my heart, I do, I do, I do,'

or whisper gently, in your ear,  'I've fallen hard for you?'

I love to look, and gaze, at you, lying next to me,

When you awake, will you please, ask me for a key?

'Play for me?' your voice caressed, pressed against the keys,

'I will,' I grunted, thrusting, joyous, 'Whatever makes you stay.'

You shuddered, sharing ecstasy; we moaned together, you and me.

My ancient piano, where we embraced, will never be the same.

The music that we made 'til dawn, I swooped and soared with you,

When light crept in, you came again, screaming, 'Yes, I do,'


Then far past noon, we fed each other, pausing for 'I do's,'

I chased you, love, back to my bed, where a gift wrapped key,

lay upon our messy sheets, waitin' just for you.

An invitation, 'neath the key, my plea for you to stay:

'I realize now I need to need you, and if it's all the same,

I'd like to make the curves of you every edge of me.'

As you smiled, and read my lines; my soul, too full for me,

Arose and crashed into my heart, causing much to-do,

my life, I see, is upside down, nevermore the same,

and now, my soul has been released, your love, our love, its key.

I played and played, the piano sang, 'til midnight would not stay,

We whispered as I found the chords; my fingers ached for you,

The notes, the kisses, all combined, the piano, next to you,

A blissful madness, so complete, as you reached for me,

descended in an instant there, where we chose to stay,

my vision of blissful enchantment, as only lovers do,

The melody you gave to me, tho' you never touched the keys,

it shakes my spirit to the core, my bearing not the same.

 I touched something new tonight, and tho' you gasped the same,

I felt a softer part of my heart in the heat of you,

Like a telegraph operator, clicking at his key,

I was so ready to lose my mind, the worst parts of me,

But as you always do,

Your gravity helped me stay!

So we stay, and all we do

I'm into you, but just the same,

I know your key, and the melody we make is part of me!

The End

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