Hater Rater are always later maters


If you hate with rate

and scourge with malice

the later you`ll mate

it`s the size of your ph**lus!


Don`t take it from me

it`s not my debate

this poem`s hardly worth a three

iand that`s a kindly rate!


The rythm for this poem is so very, very bad

it`s junk 

that you`re still reading me makes me sad

and wants it in a trunk


Self respect you won`t procure

by putting others down

You``ll simply seem insecure

by making others frown


Writing this poem was silly fun

but let me change my mind

I`d probably give it a one

and really wouldn`t mind.


Half my stuff is mindless goo

and this poem is definitely same

but you got this far, that`s where you are!

At least give me a two!










The End

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