Turning it all on its head


Jim's chapter is great and I think it's a gem

But I'd like to go further, so listen... ahem.

I find this idea so fab – it's exciting

So rate if you dare, and in fact, I'm inviting


you all to join in with my newest idea

To make me the lowliest rated one here.

So plough through my chapters, whenever they're dated

And give them that half-mark, leave nothing unrated.


It is my ambition, my greatest desire.

For ratings mean nothing, but comments inspire.

It won't take you very long, minutes at most.

Two-hundred and thirty five posts will be toast!


As soon as I've published this I'll take the lead

And click nought point five, never stopping to read.

I'm eager to see the change show on my graph,

And then guys, I promise you, how I will laugh.


If you think I'm joking, just watch how I sink.

No more Tasha in the top five authors. *wink*

It will be hilarious, (hope you'll agree)

When the author with the lowest ranking  is... me!


Note:  After posting this, I worked my way through about 25 of my earliest posts, giving them all point-fives,  before I realised I was bringing down the rankings of other people's stories in the process.  Then I remembered that this is a community, and it's best if we support each other.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, though.   I was trying to make a point, but it didn't work out the way I thought.  Besides, my laptop is really slow and it would have taken ages to do all of them :)

The End

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