Add Voice


To any low-raters or collaborators

Who take time to take in these words,

My thanks in advance for casting a glance

But cast something more and it hurts


I think we're are all open to sound and outspoken

Advice - but to leave a 'point-five'? 

I make the suggestion we each ask this question:

'Why am I on Protagonize?'


If not to advance and enjoy the romance

We all share with the word on the page,

Inspiring each other from cover to cover

Then why? Just to vent pent-up rage?


See, that little black mark might just snuff out a spark

Of creation beginning to glow,

consigning to darkness a mind that with practice

And time might have lit hundreds more


The point that I make is before you low-rate this

Consider the damage it does

For it's simpler to slate than it is to create

Be constructive instead - and use words!



The End

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