I’m tired of this life of disappointments
The uncertainties, the inconsistencies.
When the past is not the past but the future
And the present isn’t what we mean.

When we all grow up to be
Nothing like our childhood dreams.

While our utopian futures rot and decay
With the skeletons in our closets, we
Still sit around, victims of
The ‘I’ll do it later’ s, the tomorrows,
The ‘Sorry I’m Late’s, and ‘Why Bother’s.
What none of us ever realize
Is that tomorrow will never come
Yet, yesterday, it’s come today. 

While social fears and mental scars
And reputations hold us back,
The trend setters look us down
And snicker at our futile attempts
To drown ourselves with champagne and blush.

Where have our minds gone?

 They’ve dissolved into the alcohol
Of resumes and certificates
Which we intoxicate all our hopes with.


The End

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