There's sweat glistening on your forehead.
Your hand fits perfectly in mine.
My fingers cup your shoulders as if
Any minute, you'll disappear.
Your right hand holds my back up straight
Like scaffolding, you take my weight.
Your amber eyes, they stare into mine.
My frown ceases to exist.
You're so real, you've never felt this real before.
Your legs, like clumsy wooden blocks

As I teach them the ways
The ways of dance.
That singsong laugh as we trip again;
I hope you never master this,
And I get to teach you forever.

Your hands go up in steam,
The pressure is lifted from my hand,
Your amber eyes slowing gleam
From brilliant brown to penetrating black.
Your body is replaced
By down pillows, woolen blankets,
The warmth of our eternal embrace
Converted into air conditioned draughts.

The End

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