For the First Time

This is a collection I'd written earlier this year, the last one being written a few weeks ago. It's very much a work in progress, as you can probably see it requires a lot of work. Full of awkward rhymes, awkward rhythms and definitely not my best work so far. Critique will be appreciated very, very, VERY much.

I wish I could back to the beginning,
Feel my first moments,
Record them for the first time. 

Feel, for the first time, the wind in my hair,
Feel, for the first time, the sun on my skin,
Feel, for the first time, butterflies in my stomach,
Feel, for the first time, your presence in my dreams.

So here I am, making a new start,
So let’s dive in, you and I,
Let’s rediscover the world we’ve always seen,
For the first time, again,
You and I.

You and I.

The End

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