For The Feelings You Used To HaveMature

The candles burning and the wax is melting towards the ground

It’s a metaphor for you, now please don’t make a sound

I have a few things I just really need to fucking say

Now I know it probably wont make me feel okay

Proof of the lack of god come as you ignore me for someone new

So please listen to my bitching one last time, it’s the last thing you’ll ever see me do

I still hear your voice behind closed eyes

Never did I get any sort of goodbyes

Its made me bitter,


Now I despise, my very state of living, everyday might be the last ill be given

Even though I know the answer, I ask if you love me? You laughed and said,

“you’re not quite driven enough for that to be, you’re a fool if you don’t see, what a bore and dead end you truly are”

that’s what you said to me, the very same night you smiled at him with such glee

Your addictive like the whiskey ive grown so fond of in your absence, and just as deadly as my liquid remedy

Theres no light at the end of my tunnel

Only more misery, you have a life in which I meant nothing

Now this fire I felt dies out, when your so over me

I begin to spin out of control like in a funnel

You’ve forgot me, while you’ll always mean more than something

You were the reason I used to rise from bed

Now you’re the reason I put this bullet in my head
The End

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