To My Wonderful Friends <3

You beautiful, beautiful people! I’m beyond grateful for all the wonderful things you have said, and written, about and for me. you have no idea how much this has helped me get through so much! The two of you are amazing writers, and even more amazing friends. I’m so ecstatic to know that I’ve made such a positive impact on your lives! You’ve both been so incredibly kind and nice and positively lovely from the moment I first met you.

At this moment, I’m sitting in the middle of my precalculus class, and writing to both of you.

@TheLiteraryGeek :
You my friend, are incredible. I don’t really know what more to say. You’ve taught me so much! Your writing speaks to me, and is always perfect. You look at the world with a straightforward approach. It’s so enlightening to me, because as you well know, I do everything passionately and without thinking. You always help set me back on track. You always edit my work to perfection (I really hope I haven’t made any mistakes in this piece 0.0) and I adore you for it. You are an incredible person and I love that I’ve been able to forge a friendship with you despite our differences. I love you bunches!

Where in the world do I begin? You’re probably preparing to rip my head off, but I promise I’m going to be posting another chapter in Night Fall soon! You’ve been so wonderfully patient with me. AND YOU”RE STORIES! I love your stories! You’ve been a great friend. I’ve learned so much from you, about a wide variety of things. You’ve read all of my works, and favorited and recommended so many of them! It made me so happy to know that you enjoyed my works just as much as I enjoy yours! You are beautifully wonderful, and I love you!

To both of you:
Ah, you two make my day all the time, whether with the conversations we have,or the stories and poems you post. Between the two of you, I have no real free time because there is always something to read, or respond to. You’re both unforgettable people, and I adore both of you! Here’s to lifelong friends,yes?

-Fox :D <3

The End

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