For Rossie.

This is for my dear friend and sister-in-the-ways-that-really-matter, RosalynLivna.

I Love you...immeasurably.

For Rossie

I don't know quite how to start this
Or if you'll think I'm overdramatic
But there are some things that must be said.

Forgive my nostalgia; it's just I was thinking of you today, and how proud I am of the person you're becoming
and of the race you're running.
Your soul's beauty is stunning.

We were in class, reading a portion of a book titled Beauty. It mentioned that there are people in this world who are aptly labeled as "beautiful souls."

My Dear, you are a beautiful soul.

You inspire me, just by existing -
Just by climbing out in the valley and breathing in the open air
When all most people would've done was just lie there.
I witnessed times when there were tears in your eyes
And you asked me what the point of continuing life was -
But even in those times, I saw it loud and clear:

You are a Fighter.

The light you reflect and the diamonds you cast, it's beautiful. Your life is a poem unfolding, and I am grateful to have been allowed to help with just one stanza, or two. We've drifted, yes, but you will always remain my sister, my role model, my shard of hope in the middle of a tainted world.

Keep fighting.
Keep moving forward.
Keep inspiring.
Keep dancing.
Keep being Rossie, because honestly, there is no one else in this world with more potential than you.

I Love you.

The End

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