For Real, Love

This is a spoken word poem, meant to be performed in front of an awesome audience of appreciating people at an open mike in a small cafe somewhere in the city. Date to be determined...
It is about discovering the freedom of the moment when you are in love.

Connecting your harmony to a beat,
Your young feet tap the steps
From your sunken suite to my doorstep,
A motion of grace from the street to my window,
Like an emotion of freedom to pace your body's flow,
Agile and balanced, heart alive in your chest,
Your pleasant face pressed upon the pane,
Big eyes, fresh grin, hair laced with rain,

Who are you? And why do you stand out so?
Vivid and radiating like color on a silver screen,
Blushed with life, a real live person interrupting my dream,
You tap once, then twice, your fingers gripping your sleeve,
I laugh at this sight, as my lips are lightly sipping a hot mug o' tea,

So what is it? You want in? Should I open the latch?
Or will you climb onto the roof with me?
We could find time in the morning air to simply be.
The sighing clouds won't let us fly,
But we could always settle in deep,
Sit up high with the crows and the magpies,
Our thoughts could fill the entire sky,
With the breeze to breathe and our minds clear in the mist,
We could see the breathless beauty that we often miss,

But all of this is only a whisper of wonder,
As I open the window to welcome in the weather,
Your hand slips into mine and I pull you in,
You crawl through, wet shoes with a squeak on linoleum,
Your head lifts as you straighten,
Hair's hangin', but there's no hidin', I see that grin,
I know you well, but I don't know what you're thinkin'.

So what's it gonna be? With infinite possibilities?
Let's see, can we find our souls in the mystery?
You shrug, you don't believe in fate,
You say, "We're here, it's now, let's celebrate",

And so you steal my tea and offer me a deal,
Let's go for a picnic in the field,
Sure it's raining, but that's how I feel,
And I just know, in my heart, you are for real.

The End

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