For One, The Final Battle

A poem about a battle

I draw my sword, ready to fight
I stab forward with all my might
In this battle, one will fall
One will hear the final call
One will step into eternal night
In this wonderful, bloody fight
Our swords collide with a swish and slash
Along your belly, I make a dash
Sweat like beads drops down my head
I know that soon one will be dead
Stabbing forwards you cut my arm
Leaping back, remaining calm
I know that one soon will prevail
I swish around, just like a gale
I spin around you, I cut your back
For battling, I have a knack
You scream in pain and try to kill
I stop your blade, and soon you will
Just like this battle come to an end
Broken battles, that will not mend
I decide to end this, one crushing blow
And now your spirit, now will go
I feel remorse for ending you
There is so much you could do
Sorry for destroying this
My sword being deaths final kiss

The End

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