For My Son

A poem I wrote for my only son.

A heart to guide you home, this is what I will always be. Whenever you go out, wherever you roam, you will always feel me.

I'll be there when you cry, to wipe each tear from your precious cheek, I'll be around you by and by, to hear each word you speak.

I will be there to defend and protect, you through everything (I can) you will have my love, trust, patience, and respect, no matter what our futures bring (I pray you become a good man)

You will always be the greatest part of my life until I go, a light to guide me back home when the hard part is done, (anything I find difficult, that is) No matter what happens, I want you to know, how much I love you, my one, my only son.

When you decide what you want to be, but still have so many more dreams to discover, remember that you can always come to me (should you need anything, and I'll try my best to help you in anyway I can) because I am now, and will forever be, your loving mother.

The End

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