For my Love

When I think of you I miss you more than you could ever dream,
I know this is new but I love you more than it may seem.
These feelings I have for you I've analyzed more than a time or two,
and each time it ends in with me being in love with you.
the situation sucks and this I am more aware of than you believe,
I am constantly worrying if you will be the one to leave.
if you can tolerate less than I think you are capable of,
If there were only a way you could "see" my love.
I'd die for you in an instant without a second thought,
It's truly a love that cannot be bought.
I want more of you and I hope you cant blame me,
if you could only see what I see.
The missing piece to me and my entire life,
My only wish is to be your wife.
I love you more with every passing day,
Even though I'm sometimes at a loss for words to say.
Trying to comfort someone isn't my strong suit for sure,
but for you there is nothing I wouldn't endure.
you make life worth living and worth looking forward to,
I hope that you are soon to see exactly what I do.
Death today would bring more happiness than you can know,
I'm sorry i'm not so quickly to show.
I hope you know what you mean to me and the future I dream to be,
For without you there wouldn't be something like me.

The End

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