For my Grandfather (R.I.P.)Mature

A poem for my grandfather who died on 10/7/11 love your granddad, in our hearts forever
(There are a few spelling and punctuation errors as this was a rough first draft.)

On this terrible day of 2011
God's angels sent you to beautiful heaven
Tears have been shed, hearts are broken
but with your joy and kindness; haven has awoken.

Together we have cried an ocean of tears,
We feel so empty and hold many fears;
But Granddad would want us to know he's in a good place
And he's watching us with a smile on his face.

Your parting has more or less left a void
So with  we've filled it up with remembered joy,
A friendship shared; a laugh; a kiss,
Ah yes these things we so greatly miss.

 The days have gone where your family arrived,
And entered our house through the drive.
Gone are the days of sudden walks and trips
And gone are the nags to play battle-ships

Gone are the times to visit thorpe park;
Where you were always the centre of our hearts.
Gone are the days of your colossal hugs,
As you squeeze us tight, your face so smug.

You have always been the admiration,
the centre of all inspiration.
Your kindness reflected upon us all,
You were the world, and definitely more. 

I can't remember a time before your love,
Never stopped even reigning above.
For me I'm glad, he got to meet,
And now I feel our connection is complete.

Thinking back now, I really must say,
I feel lucky and privileged to have know him this day.
For in my life you have played a special part;
The memories I treasure, locked up in my heart.

Although he's gone, we'll all be together,
his spirit will live on through us forever,
When you look to the sky, look for the brightest star,
As he will be looking down on us afar.

We know when god called you, you had to go;
But we want you to know, granddad we miss you so;
So I leave you on this, forget him never,
He will carry on in our hearts; remembered forever xxxx 


The End

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