For my Babies

A poem written for my children.

Your tiny hands mesmerize me every time I hold them in mine,

Your hugs and kisses are simply the finest of fine.

Sweeter than honey are the words you speak of innocence,

When you sleep that is all I reminisce.

From the moment I knew you were to be,

Your precious future was all I could see.

Growing daily like the weeds in the grass,

Your life is so fragile, just like glass.

I wish for you the life I never had and  will do all in my power to give to you,

My hope is that you will forever be happy in all that you do.

We make mistakes as we are only human you see,

But don't let those mistakes define who you want to be.

Learn from them, as I am still mine,

And the sweetest of lives will you one day find.

I love you more with every sun that shall rise,

You are my babies, my loves , my life and my most precious prize.

The End

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