You wanted to see emotion, you are gona regret it

You wanted to see emotion,
you want me to make you cry,
you have a good life,
all tuked up in bed,
i had to live life as it hit me round the head,
i lost my emotions after i lost it once to much,
i lost my inocence after that,
burying myself,
in a pile of book,
to escape the world around me.

You may find me blunt,
you may find me harsh,
but my life was so bad,
i had to forget,
the problem with me,
is i never forget,
 i tried,
i realy did,
but it didnt go,
just the things i learned,
like how to be nice,
or even kind.

So i forgot those things that i learned,
but never relearned them again,
for all the others remembered i t well,
and so i lost most of my friends.

But when i got here it was still quite bad,
i learned things,
but not much more,
i still havent got back what i got yet,
just other things. 

The End

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