For Mr carmen

My life, all treue, but i am not a mental guy, anymore

You want to see emotion,
you want to feel my pain,
this is me you’re talking to,
the guy that is missing a couple of screws,
the answer to you question is no I’m not that mad,
my life is just very sad.

I cannot do anything without someone attacking me,
I have to live my life in misery,
I just can’t do things right,
but those things I can I do well,
so Allan what do you have to say to that.

have live for years with problems in me,
my life is totally messed up,
I just don’t know,
where to go,
my life is a path of pitfalls.

my life at school was hell itself,
I had to have extra lessons each day,
I had to have a tutor,
to teach me how to spell,
when they are for those of a young age,
I had no friends that I kept this far,
and even then I had only two,
the first came here,
but he change his ways,
and the midget changed his life.

The other left,
has out there somewhere,
he just didn’t stay,
he was my friend because I saved his life,
for we went and played together,
I stopped people from attacking him,
I just went mad they say,
I don’t remember,
I just saw red,
and woke up the next day.

He was a good friend,
as friends go,
he was my last school version of you,
I helped him,
he helped me,
and is roles began to switch.

I was considered smart back then,
I was an early one,
they thought I could go far,
like my sister had,
but as I got old I just stayed the same,
not doing as well as I should,
I stayed ahead because I could,
I thought themed like me if I could,
but they just came and made fun of me,
I almost killed one they said,
I don’t remember,
he was just there,
and the next I was at home.

And so I came to here,
people thought that I was strange,
I made and lost friends,
but found one more,
that was you,
my friend.  

The End

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