"For 'Mask'"

I wrote this poem for Charles "Mask" Lewis Jr. The FOUNDER of the baddest clothing brand on the planet TapouT

"For 'Mask'"

The lights turn on as the main event starts, the music hits, the crowd explodes, the camera cuts, the world will see a face, they know the name, they sing

Your praise!

The action starts, the atmosphere is electirc, the pace is hellishly frantic, and the hearts of warriors are on display for the world to see! Everyone can see the sport of MMA is being grown with every strike being thrown, aided by one brand that stands alone, one saying that in the cage shall never be known, one name that the world over, forever, holds upon a crystal throne, that myself as a fan a flag I have flown!

But yet this majestic sight, as all sights of this grandeur are obligated to do, must come and go, the lights shone so bright as to illuminate a spectacular show, but they to must fade into the blackness of the night, but it is at these moments in time ever so mysterious, that one

Revolutionary and Inspirational
Icon and Idol 
Is shining at
His most glorious,

For it is what we do when the lights and fame are off and we are left alone that truly and entirely defines us!

Though You may have been taken from our eyes and arms, Your name and memory, spirit and presence still walks amoung us, our hearts are filled with a single name, our minds consoled by the pictures etched when a fight takes place, our pain banished when we don Your life's dedication...when we don


*Dedicated to the entire family of MMA Legend and Innovator Charles "Mask" Lewis Jr., May you Rest In Peace knowing that You will never be forgotten!*  

The End

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