for inky mornings and evenings of soullessness

we are human

and i'm going to let you in on a little secret
when it's late at night and nothing seems possible 
and the creation of the world is unfathomable 
and you don't think you can do anything at all:

we are human. 

and we are goddamn tough, 
we press ourselves underwater where we cannot breathe 
and we press ourselves into space where we cannot breathe 

we travel across stretches of land in machines rumbling underneath us 
do the same in the air 
and we go to school or work every day 
or keep on living 

and you know what? 
despite being fleshy structures of bone creating a flimsy and flawed social system, 
we are here and alive and functioning 

we are human,

and we live on past death and love and life 
when people break your heart and you break people's hearts 
and people die all around us every day 
and people keep on living despite it all 

because it's a tough job, 
being alive. 
but you did it so far 

and i am unbelievably proud of you. 

so when it is a slow night like molasses 
and your soul drips down the windows like you can't see any reason to live anymore
i beg of you to look at yourself:

you are a miracle of life 
and you are a working system of blood and bone and flesh 
and you, you have lived this long

you are human. 

and that is hard, 
and you should be so proud of your humanity. 

The End

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