For I am A Lonely MeekMature

Nothing said, nothing sung
these words i 've said
have been undone


Show me how I can rid myself

Of this humble nature

How I can unglue these words

From the roof of my mouth

Tell me how


Explain to me the mechanics

From a to z

So I can be

A little less

like me


Describe on to my willing ears

On the ‘strength of the bold’

For my will is dying on my bed

Weaken and old


Take my hand and push me into the world

Let me talk to absolute strangers

And ask about their lives

And if they are doing all right


Push me into a car

A cab

A city bus

Lets travel          

The world and us


Show me how to yell

my opinions loudly

in public

And not to mind those

Who tell us to shut up

Who we’ll yell back fuck up

And continue to mock like

Mocking birds

On a tree


Strip me


Peel me of

my civilized layers

cut me to

 my roots

For I am only a lonely  meek

That refuses to seek

The truth






The End

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