For Her

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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For Her

©1995 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 2, pg 19)


You said you’d never leave

I believed it to be true

You said I could count on it

So I gave myself to you


I grew up only loving you

I was molded from our lives

I never thought the day would come

That we’d say our last good-byes


But the time that I wasted

Since I met you that first day

Will eat at me forever

‘Cause of the prices that I’ve paid


Back then I didn’t know

What your dysfunctional life would bring

But now I know that all it’s done

Is given our daughter the same thing


So it’s for her that I hurt

And for her future that I fear

I didn’t bring her in this world for this

And it’s for her that I shed these tears

The End

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