Happy Birthday @Fitzy

Happy Birthday Gal!

Fitzy          Fitzy

Happy Birthday

Ellie spreads her wings above your head, doing air gymnastics
In celebrations of your day

Marcella sits in front of the fireplace calling upon her phoenix
So he can soar high joining Ellie in the dance that is your birthday

Rodney is watching Fast and the Furious
But stops to watch to spread his Angel wings and join the others

Lucy and Fang run up to join you on the ground listening to
TJ and Jem singing “Happy Birthday” karaoke hits

Keira looks away from the scary old house and uses her vamp speed to join in
Alexander stands by the tree watching the crowd waiting for the right moment to bite

Before TJ and Jem leave to kick some Kamorra A$$
They plant a kiss each, on your cheeks

So happy birthday from me, your characters, and mine ;)

The End

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