For E

We walk

beside the sea,

as clouds melt into grey melody

the moody ocean conveys.

I limp, slowly, like lazy waves,

full of self pity and self woe,

I weep about the heavy skies,

I worry about the growing night.

Stumbling too close to the shore,

waves of what ifs could sweep me away,

and I would be no more.

But you do not allow me to drown

in my wallowing puddle.

Despite my complains I can't run

on these legs,

you do not consent to carry me,

but challenge me to strive,

to keep up with your stride

all the while, never leaving my side.


We walk

your arm linked through mine,

like x's and o's,

knots and crosses,

fingers and toes interwoven.

You tell me not to fear rain,

for it carries life beyond pain.

As we move beneath blossomed trees,

you shake a blizzard of petals upon me.

They stick to my lashes like feathered tears,

cling to my heart like the words I hold so dear,

words spoken from your sweet smile,

when you told me I was capable of every mile,

every step, every move,

I need not suffer abuse,

of my own wounds.


We walk

next to eternity

as equals,

though you are a life time of wisdom ahead of me,

you share your peace, your serenity

inspiring me to dream,

to believe,

I can stand upon my feet,

with you standing next to me.

The End

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